Boatswain Double IPA

Got some Boatswain Double IPA at Trader Joes today.  It’s been hotter than normal so I thought I’d cool off with a nice hoppy IPA.

Instead, apparently, I got some Boatswain Double IPA.  I’m not sure what the double IPA part is, but it certainly wasn’t hoppy.  Apparently it is 8.3 percent alcohol, but it doesn’t taste hot, which is good.

However, what it does taste like is crappy light beer.

Not recommended if you’re looking for hops or flavor.

Says twin screw steamer – I think I got screwed.

Not sure how much it was at TJ’s, but less than 5 bucks for a 22oz bottle.

Don’t blame me if you try some.


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2 Responses to Boatswain Double IPA

  1. Gary Conway says:

    Thanks for being a Paso Robles (the world’s Premium Wine Growing Region) aficionado.

  2. dknapp1 says:

    Thanks Gary – we love going to Carmody Mcknight! Great place for picnics too!

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